Two women, two professionals, two lovers of elegance and beauty. Chiara Vitale, Milanese stylist at the head of Atelier Kore Milano, and Chiara Besana, costume and lifestyle journalist, always committed to telling the beauties of Italy and its excellences, have created a capsule collection that is the fruit of that common vision of elegant, refined and classy woman.
The Cherie woman is a feminine, committed, sophisticated woman and on the occasion of Christmas she reveals herself. The first release is a tribute to Christmas and tartan. But many surprises are already planned in the coming months.
“Cherie was born from the meeting of two different female sensibilities and the common tension towards beauty. Together we have always dreamed with love and immense harmony to accompany every woman with elegance, sweetness and style in days that we want intense and now more than ever finally happy.
I have always lived intense moments with Chiara who followed my creative moments with love and immense dedication, and looking at her intense journalistic profession I thought of a collection that represented her style, her travel, her being ready with class for every time of day “. Chiara Vitale, stylist at the head of Atelier Kore Milano.

“Both strongly linked to the Christmas holidays, to that series of traditions and rituals that make it unique and that we both have breathed since childhood, so we thought of a collection that comes out today and that will accompany Italian women and not only throughout the holiday period. Obviously the garments and accessories that compose it are handcrafted, the result of that Made in Italy, which I tell every day. Because behind each piece there is something more. There is an idea, there is a drawing, there are hands that sew and scissors that cut. ” Chiara Besana, journalist.

“Entrambe fortemente legate alla festività natalizia, a quella serie di tradizioni e di riti che la rendono unica e che entrambe abbiamo respirato sin da bambine, abbiamo così pensato ad una collezione che esce oggi e che accompagnerà le donne italiane e non solo per tutto il periodo delle feste. Ovviamente i capi e gli accessori che la compongono sono artigianali, frutto di quel Made in Italy, che ogni giorno racconto. Perchè dietro ad ogni pezzo c’è qualcosa di più. C’è un’idea, c’è un disegno, ci sono mani che cuciono e forbici che tagliano.” Chiara Besana, giornalista. 

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