The Daverio family started their entrepreneurial experience in the leather industry in 1948.
Over the years the family activities evolved and in 2018 Filippo, Francesco and Chiara Daverio acquired an historical leather goods company in Milano with a lot of passion and desire to get in the game.
Their intention was to develop the idea of the “artisanship 2.0”, unifying the class and the expert skills of the past with an innovative thought and a contemporary concept of style.
Unfortunately, hit by the difficulties of the global pandemic situation the company had to interrupt its business. The siblings didn’t give up and they created a new business relationship with an external leather manufacturer, keeping on to pursuing their dream and putting all their efforts to pull the project through, believing in it harder day after day.
In this way the siblings are still sustaining the “handmade” philosophy, by helping the Italian artisan community and deserving to be part of the highly competitive “Made in Italy” market.
Chiara is the brand designer and one of the focuses of her vision is the quality of the materials: in her products she combines the cult for refined leathers acquired through her family experience in the industry and her personal passion for precious fabrics, gained during her university years.
The chromatic combinations and the fusions between leathers and fabrics reveal the stories that are behind her ideas, sensations and lifetime moments and that guide her inspiration, giving her the possibility, at the same time, to express her deep love for our Country.

Let me introduce myself, Hi, I’m Chiara, I’m 25 years old and I’m a fashion designer. When I was still in university and preparing my final thesis, an idea started to form in my mind and become later the main target of my life.
My artistic path, my “story” goes back to high school: as most of the students I didn’t have a particular passion for studying, but I already knew that I was born to “create”
something that was only mine and that would represent my own vision of the world.
So, after high school, I envisioned my strengths and I signed up for NABA in Milano and I chose fashion design as study address. My 3 years there gave me a lot of joy and
helped me to know myself better, they particularly gave me the possibility to discover and consolidate my own style.
NABA made me stronger and put me in connection with my inner and truthful self.
During those years at university, I collaborated in the family leather goods company by doing pattern and study of the design for other companies.
The initial idea for my thesis was a clothing collection, but considering my study address and given also my work experience during university, my professor Claudia Nasi encou-
raged me to elaborate a project based on the accessories and the leather goods. This project would have later become what it is the Chiara Daverio collection today.
A university project which is growing and becoming more and more a beautiful reality.
A young girl’s dream who used to think only about running on the grass and picking up the edelweiss on the Trentino’s meadows.
This is me and this is my dream.


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