OhShit! t-shirts was born in 2010. For years it remains a game and a way of expressing oneself. A fun. In all these years it has grown and gradually transformed into a real brand present today in more than 30 retailers in Italy and abroad. Selling thousands of tshirts. In 2020 he rose to prominence for dressing up several famous people. Including Mara Maionchi for Italian’s got talent and Giovanni Vernia for the Sanremo prefestival. Elle Italia (magazine known all over the world) dedicates an article to the brand in 2020 with Cristina Parodi as testimonial. The brand is always in step with the times and with the new trends, it focuses on irony and irreverence, always winking at style. On the site there are more than 100 prints with phrases for all tastes and moods, ready to describe the thought or Mood of the day. T-shirts are combined with elegant, sporty and casual outfits. Follow them on Instagram @ohshtshirts and you will see some good ones.


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