we are Vesper

We love the vibrant city life, all the colors, energy, and every opportunity that it gives to us. In our daily rush, we are so busy that we don’t even feel the negative effects of an unbalanced work-life equation. We decided not to feel being overwhelmed while being always in a hurry. 

Until that moment… 

The period when our homes become our nest, we start to focus on ourselves and enjoy also some me-time and learn how to spend quality time alone. We start to listen to our body and mind, practice how to take a small break from big city life.

Vesper offers you high-quality homewear, sleep accessories, and lingerie products to celebrate me-time and create your own rituals day and night.


Italian design, high quality, and natural fabrics, ethically produced.

We are inspired by you: feminine, soft, natural, and flawless. We reflect this in every aspect of our collections; from fabric choices to design. Our signature fabric selection includes skin-friendly and high-quality pure cotton, bamboo, and pure Italian silk.


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