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What’s this? It is the natural predisposition to positive thinking, to concrete action, to the desire to do well in order to generate the beautiful and the good.

This week I had the pleasure of interviewing a Romagna woman like me, Rosa Fanti, an energetic and brilliant woman. She will tell us something about her life that she spends in Milan covering many roles, mother, manager and her forays in Romagna because she has also been an agricultural entrepreneur of the family business for a year.Are you curious to know how he does it? Find out in the interview. Enjoy the reading! Claudia Gatti

Rosa Fanti moglie di Carlo Cracco

Q: Rosa you are a Romagnola living in Milan. As a first question, I ask you to tell us how you were as a child in Santarcangelo? What dreams did you have?

A: I must admit that I had a truly beautiful childhood. I grew up in Romagna, a land to which I am very attached. My parents and my brother still live in Santarcangelo. As a child I have always been a playful child with many friends. I dreamed of being an archaeologist because I was fascinated by discoveries. Growing up then I felt a strong attraction for city life, I was very dynamic and wanted to deal with more metropolitan realities. I lived in Bologna where I graduated in Communication and then in the splendid Rome where I attended a Master in Marketing and Communication at the IED. Finally, the arrival in Milan, for various coincidences of life, a city that I then chose for life.

Q: You have been living in Milan for years. You have two sons Cesare and Pietro, you oversee the 3 Milanese restaurants of the Cracco family. For a year, however, you have been regularly frequenting your Romagna again. You also became an agricultural entrepreneur by taking studies and exams in order to manage the Vistamare farm with your husband Carlo, right in Santarcangelo di Romagna. Do you want to talk about it?

A: Vistamare, our farm, is the culmination of a dream that we have been chasing with Carlo for some time. We had been looking for a while for an Agricultural Estate with certain characteristics and we were moving towards Tuscany. Then one day comes a call from my mother who tells me she has found the estate we were looking for just behind the house, in the hills of Santarcangelo. So we left Milan for an inspection. Honestly, it was something of a love at first sight. The estate, in addition to having all the features we were looking for such as olive grove and vineyard, has a truly spectacular panoramic view. The beautiful Romagna hills as far as the eye can see up to the sea of ​​which the coast from Cattolica to Ravenna is visible on fine days. We immediately fell in love and the name was born spontaneously: VISTAMARE. We then discovered that it is here that a native vine grows that over time the farmers were abandoning due to a somewhat low income: Trebbiano Fiammarossa. We have rows that are 60/70 years old and we have decided to recover this product as well as to enhance other products that we obtain from our orchards. Cherries, peaches, apricots are transformed into jams and juices which are then sold in our shop and used as raw materials in our pastry shops and restaurants. Our mission is certainly also linked to the desire to raise awareness of the Romagna hinterland which boasts food and wine and historical products that for too long have been in the background compared to the stereotype of Romagna only beach and piadina.

Q: During the first lockdown you and Carlo decided to give strength to a project that you already had in embryo the Carlo Cracco Shop, an e-commerce of Cracco brand products and also food home delivery, as a response to the forced closure of the activities. Tell us.

A: The shop.carlocracco.it was actually already active from 2019. In fact, for some time we were asked for our Cracco brand products all over Italy and therefore we had decided to satisfy these requests with the e-commerce activity. . Then clearly with the lockdown, precisely because of the general immobility, we strengthened the offer on the shop. On line you can find our pastry products, panettone, colomba, baci di cracco and all the rest. Now inside there is also the Vistamare section where it is possible to buy our organic products even in reality the first production was all sold out in a very short time.

Q: You have a degree in Communication and you are involved in all communication and external corporate relations. You are very popular on social media, on IG you have almost 68,000 followers. What relationship do you have with your followers and with socials in general?

A: Social media, for people like me who are involved in making projects and ideas visible, can certainly be considered allies. For work I use the web and social networks to a large extent because there is no doubt that they allow to reach a wide audience and that they can support in relationships with more distant customers. In my private life, on the other hand, I mostly use Instagram for fun and I’m not too present. I like from time to time to post something I do that I find funny, or good or beautiful. I am very spontaneous and do not follow patterns. I don’t feel the need to expose myself too much also because in the family we already have enough exposure with my husband. People who follow my social networks write to me sometimes to get some more information about what I post. I always answer personally and I don’t put filters because I don’t know how to be different from how I am in reality. Perhaps those on the other side perceive and appreciate this spontaneity.

Q: You are a mother of two children, present wife of a successful chef, business manager, entrepreneur. Your radiance and a certain sense of serenity and concreteness always emerge from your social profiles and from the interviews you release. How do you do this? Do you have a secret to reveal to us?

A: Right now we are all put to the test a bit. I have two children aged 8 and 6 who log on to DAD every morning and still need to be followed up. I also compare myself with other mothers and I see that we are all having to face this situation of family management, remote work and the various daily commitments. I have always been moved by passion, I love being a mother and wife and I love my job. I simply try to repeat to myself that I will do my best but as far as I can. You cannot expect too much of yourself and it is essential to accept your limits. I always try to be optimistic and keep a smile without ever striving for perfection.

Q: You know that on Myclah we talk about Made in Italy fashion. What relationship do you have with fashion? Do you have a piece of your wardrobe that you are particularly fond of or something that just cannot be missing in your wardrobe?

A: I am very fascinated by the world of fashion and I really appreciate our Italian designers but I don’t have clothes or looks that I am particularly fond of. In the last year, given the circumstances, I have a sort of uniform: my inevitable jeans that I usually combine with a nice tailored jacket or a particular accessory that makes a little difference and completes the look. Until recently, I practically wore just black for every occasion day and night. Now I open the wardrobe and see a myriad of colors. It must have been the answer to this ‘gray’ period,

Q: Compatibly with the moment we are living, what year will 2021 be for Rosa Fanti? What plans do you have or do you have for the future?

A: Indeed, the period would not be the best, but with Carlo we had already planned the opening of a new Cracco restaurant in Portofino. For us it is a beautiful project and the new venue will open in any case towards the end of May or early June. Then of course I have the goal of making Vistamare grow. We are working to create a biodynamic garden and I would like to evaluate the possibility of opening up to hospitality by creating a farmhouse. In short, I expect a lot of shuttle between Milan and my beautiful Romagna in the coming months.


D: Finally, I ask you a curiosity: can you tell us which dish your husband Carlo has that you just can’t resist?

A: Well among the many I must admit that I really don’t know how to resist his caramelized Russian salad.

Caramelized Russian salad by Carlo Cracco
Caramelized Russian salad by Carlo Cracco


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