My #MYCLAHTTITUDE column continues where I will interview people who represent and express our “Myclah Attitude” .
What is it? It’s the natural predisposition to positive thinking, to concrete action, to the desire to do well in order to generate the beautiful and the good.

For today’s interview we have SIMONA BERTOLOTTO (aka @sissiottostyle) a woman who has two mantras that embody her philosophy:
“GOOD FIRST” phrase, which she always says every time she makes a video or a photo, is a message of acceptance and awareness; the error and the defect are a real part of each of us, so no filters or tweaks! The woman has her value and her beauty regardless of everything.
“NEVER TOO LATE NEVER TOO OLD”: because everything can happen in life, everything can change and at any age!
She disvlosed some of her little secrets.
Enjoy your reading
Claudia Gatti

– Simona let’s start from the final sentence of your bio that we find on your website: ‘ Then there is heart  driving every true and pure feeling, almost childish, without masks, real and transparent!’  This sentence well encapsulates the feeling you are able to convey to your followers who follow and respect you. What does it mean for you to put your heart into things?

It is essential for me to make it clear that you have to really believe in something, in a project, in a lifestyle. Success is directly proportional to passion and determination. The thrust of passion is very important, in any area of ​​our life and with constancy and tenacity, everything can be reached.

– We have known you for how you appear and have shown up on social media for a few years. But if we go back in time, how was the child Simona? Can you say today that you have fulfilled your childhood dreams?

From an early age I was a sunny, carefree, playful and instinctive child, and these traits of my character are still an integral part of my personality. I have never planned my life, all my choices were dictated by my instinct and heart. I have always felt very free to be able to express myself spontaneously without feeling the weight of   other’s judgment and this has led me to live fully and with serenity.

– Turin, so shy and equally beautiful, is your city. How much being from Turin and having decided to carry out your business from there influenced your career and your personality?

Turin is a surprising and wonderful city, I love its elegance and refined beauty. I consider myself a Turinese in all respects, even if a little atypical, far from the stereotypes of a shy and reserved person. My spontaneous, open, cheerful character is perhaps more in tune with Romagna, but in Turin I feel at home and I still manage to carry out my business here too… after all my city is not so gray and gloomy as it seems…

– For years you have been an appreciated photographer and therefore you saw the world from behind a lens. What spring has taken you to decide to leave the rear, overcome shyness and expose yourself every day in the first person?

Some time ago my passion for photography was slowly exhausted and while I continued to be present with my portfolio on Photo Vogue, however this no longer reflected my expectations. From that moment on my interest was oriented towards the world of Instagram where I was able to express myself in a way more suited to my way of being, without homologations and managing to make my audience appreciate a new concept of femininity.

– These days you have reached 200k followers on IG. Your live broadcasts are very popular every day and you have a wonderful interaction with your followers who love you. But have you ever had cases of haters or people criticizing you? In case how did you react?

The phenomenon of haters and hatred in general on the net is a reality that unfortunately is becoming increasingly popular and anyone who has to do with communication on the web must also take these dynamics into account. I believe that haters are actually victims of fear themselves, of their poor culture and education, fragile people without empathy, but who consider themselves strong. Fortunately in my community of women, I have not encountered any major issues and I can admit that I have not had a hard time with haters. I think the reason is simple: I don’t consider myself a woman in opposition to other women, I never try to look different and above all I never hide flaws and imperfections and I always accept criticism, suggestions and comments.

– Your style is unique and unmistakable, your iconic glasses. You have a wardrobe of wonders. But if you were to suddenly prepare a small impromptu suitcase what would you never give up in your wardrobe?

I would put in a small trolley: a denim shirt, a jeans, a comfortable shoe or ballerina and in the summer sandals, my glasses, my favorite fragrance and of course cell phone and charger!

– In my last question I want to ask you: what will Simona give us for 2021?

I am an instinctive person, I don’t particularly like planning my life, I prefer to live the “Here and now” because it is in this “present” that I can express my true nature.


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