For our appointment with the Edit this week we have two exceptional insider guides: Flora Sazio and Mirta Rabiony stylists and founder of the Sartoria Nomade brand.

Deeply in love with their city, they accompany us in a Naples seen through the feminine and refined eyes of two creative lovers of beauty. And already from the first lines you can perceive the thousand colors of Naples.
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Claudia Gatti

We cannot talk about Naples without talking about the Gulf: the very essence of the city where the blue of the sea and the sky meet, creating a different show every day in which Vesuvius, motionless, becomes the undisputed protagonist, offering a panorama that is famous throughout the world.

The Neapolitans are attracted to the sea like a magnet, both in summer and in winter. Taking a walk by the sea is a ritual that relaxes, relaxes, reconciles with the city.

And then at sea there is also one of the seven castles that Naples boasts, in particular the oldest in the city: Castel dell’Ovo. From the Norman era, it dates back to the second half of the 12th century and stands on the islet of Megaride. During the summer, the slopes of this piece of history become a democratic seaside resort, hosting diving competitions among street urchins and card games between old regulars, tanned all year round.

Sea that relaxes as we said and in fact it is no coincidence that one of the most suggestive areas of the city, Posillipo, has the name that derives from the Greek “Pausilypon” and which literally means “that makes the pain stop”.

Here we also find the island of Gaiola, a protected marine area as well as a submerged archaeological area, in which volcanological, archaeological and biological elements blend.

But Naples is also its narrow alleys, its hanging clothes, the neighborhood shops that seem totally immune to globalization and gentrification. Getting lost in the Ancient Center means finding yourself probably in the last European city to have preserved its deepest soul.

And getting lost you can also come across wonders in the open air such as the Banksy mural located in Piazza Gerolomini…

…or in slightly more hidden wonders, such as the amazing “Veiled Christ” by Giuseppe Sanmartino, kept inside the Sansevero Chapel and famous throughout the world for the prodigious “weaving” of the marble veil.

And then the superstition, that mix of sacred and profane that in Naples finds its culmination in the Fontanelle Cemetery, a former ossuary of more than 3000 square meters. and which contains the remains of an unknown number of people. The cemetery is known because the rite of the “pezzentelle souls” takes place here, ie the adoption and care by a Neapolitan of a specific skull of an abandoned soul (called capuzzella) in exchange for protection.

Last but not least the MANN, the most important archaeological museum in the world for Roman art, and just outside Naples the excavations of Pompeii, which certainly need no introduction, to breathe a little deeper into the whole history of which Naples is so full of.

In Naples with Sartoria Nomade

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Flora Sazio & Mirta Robiony


Italian born, Mirta developed her aesthetic since a young age thanks to her parents, antiques enthusiast and art collectors.
At nineteen years old she moved to Rome with the aim of studying fashion styling and three years later graduated with honors at IED.
he has assisted various stylists for Vanity Fair, Esquire and Milan Fashion Week. She is currently based between Rome and Naples as a freelance fashion stylist and styling professor at IED and She co-founded Sartoria Nomade together with Flora Sazio in 2020.


After obtaining a diploma in Textile Art at the Sorrento Institute of Art, she graduated in Fashion Design at the “Istituto Superiore di Design” in Naples. In 1994 she won the national competition for emerging designers “Creativity”. She moved to Tuscany where she began her career as a designer in a manufacturing company that creates and produces jeans. Here she also acquires the role of Product Manager with responsibility for the entire creative process, from researching the fabric to perfecting the garment. At that time she also collaborated Ermanno Scervino and Just Cavalli. In 2001 she returned to Naples where she taught Fashion Design at the “Istituto Superiore di Design” thus maturing a great passion for teaching that leads her to collaborate with the Institute even today. In 2003 she founded “E-Design”, a stylistic and graphic consultancy studio with several brands in the portfolio. She collaborates in fashion events and shows as a designer and fashion coordinator.
In recent years she has collaborated as Creative Director for women’s clothing companies and co-founded Sartoria Nomade together with Mirta Robiony in 2020.


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