Ciao Italian lifestyle lovers, the charm of Genoa – a city squeezed between sea and mountains, fragmented between present and past, crossroads of different peoples and cultures – has struck writers, poets and songwriters over the centuries, who in their verses have told of its beauty, its contrasts, its hidden soul.

A privileged point of view for admiring the city from above are the Towers of the Cathedral of San Lorenzo: a 5-minute climb on foot along centenary stairs to reach the loggia tower and explore the rooftops of the historic center with your eyes.

A view of the city from the Cathedral Towers

But to discover the most authentic Genoa you have to walk in the alleys of the center, walk the creuze that rise from the sea towards the hill and get lost in the streets and squares of the old city overlooked by noble palaces and ancient churches.
It is no coincidence that a large part of the historic center, one of the largest in Europe, has been declared a World Heritage Site.
Do not miss the Palazzi dei Rolli (@palazzideirolli) the beautiful residences of the Genoese nobility that between the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries offered hospitality to illustrious people passing through the city.
The residences – more than a hundred – that the Republic of Genoa had allocated for this purpose were included in special lists, the “Rolls of public housing”, which were periodically updated.
A walk between via Balbi, via Garibaldi, via Lomellini and via San Luca will make you discover wonderful buildings, evidence of a rich past that has made hospitality a true cultural model.

Angelo Giovanni Spinola Palace in Via Garibaldi 5

The Genoese historic center contains authentic jewel districts such as the Carmine.
Climbing through the creuze and moving away from the traffic noise, you are immersed in a world where time seems to have stopped.
Among colorful houses, ancient churches, olive trees, cloths themselves and lazy cats, you will discover squares and alleys with curious names: Piazza della Giuggiola, Piazza dell’Olivella, Vico del Cioccolatte, corners that express all the silent charm of old Genoa.

Piazza dell’Olivella, in the Carmine district

Piazza della Giuggiola, in the Carmine district

But in the historic center there are also unique shops such as the lifestyle store Via Garibaldi 12 (@ viagaribaldi12) a fixed stop for lovers of design and furnishing objects, housed in a wonderful 16th century building, where stuccoes, frescoes and marble columns create a pleasant contrast with the modern lines of the items for sale.

A corner of the lifestyle store Via Garibaldi 12

A real “gem” in the heart of the center is Paccottiglia (@paccottiglia), a concept store that “holds stories and things to bring on board”, objects with a unique and unusual design, clothes and unmissable pieces of furniture.
Here you can find the “talking dishes” to take pictures in perfect “instagrammable” style.

I “piatti parlanti” di Paccottiglia

Mixed fried fish facing the sea … what more could you ask for?

You cannot leave Genoa without tasting panera, a coffee parfait whose name derives from the contraction of black cream in the Genoese language, referring to the change in color of the cream following the addition of coffee powder.

Do not miss the one prepared by the historic Cremeria Buonafede (@cremeriabuonafede) in Via Luccoli which since 1913 has been carrying on the Genoese ice cream tradition.

The panera prepared by Cremeria Buonafede in Via Luccoli

Genoa is this and much more: only by living it and walking through its alleys can you fall in love with its history and its discreet charm.


Lying at the bottom of its gulf with the careless majesty of a queen… Genoa meets the traveler (A. Dumas, 1841).

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Romina Condemi

Romina, ligure da sempre, ama tutto ciò che è legato al territorio, alla sua storia e tradizione.Insegnante, laureata in Conservazione dei Beni Culturali e specializzata in Storia dell’Arte Contemporanea, utilizza i social per promuovere l’arte e il patrimonio storico artistico ma anche per valorizzare le bellezze paesaggistiche e i piaceri della tavola. La potete facilmente incontrare di fronte al mare mentre fotografa uno dei suoi “piatti con vista”


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