Ciao Italian Style Lovers,
Today we inaugurate our #MYCLAHTTITUDE column where I will interview people who represent and express our “MyclahAttitude”.

What is it? It’s the natural predisposition to positive thinking, concrete action, the desire to do well to generate the beautiful and good. We are honoured to open the column, with Claudia Rabellino Becce a woman who strongly believes in female empowerment and who lives her time with dynamism and innate class.

– We read about you: lawyer, writer, wife, mother not exactly in this order…

In your opinion, is there really an order in all our activities as women? There are those who use the term multitasking to explain the ability of women to move from one role to another with ease. In fact, as a recent study conducted by a German
university has shown, we aren’t  born with this ability, we are forced to learn it in order to survive. In my small way I do (I try to do) what we all do: putting together family, work and the vital need to have some space for myself. Sometimes I do well, sometimes not. Feelings of guilt are always lurking. The secret isn’t to fall into the scam of feeling the obligation to always be perfect and never have to ask for help.

We recently saw you very active on your personal social networks and on those of Caractere, a brand for which you are an ambassador together with the journalist Michaela K Bellissario with a series of video interviews on female empowerment. Which relationship do you have with social networks and how do you think they can be positively ‘exploited’?

Every means of communication is always neutral by nature, it is how we use it that makes the difference, which is why I do not agree with those who demonize social media a priori. They can become fundamental tools for conveying important messages and supporting battles of great value: gender equality, the fight against bullying, ageism and, in general, discrimination are examples of this. Of course, the risks associated with the use of technology exist and are there for everyone to see. A culture must be created, rules and a certain vigilance are needed, especially to protect the youngest and the most fragile people.

My approach to Instagram and Facebook is not professional, just look at my profiles to understand it. I use social media “by feeling”, without a precise communication strategy. I only post  when I have something positive to say and share, trying to be true to my very self. I like having the opportunity to get in touch with a community of women with whom we can inspire each other. I have always considered female synergy to be a superpower and social media are an excellent connection tool. Then, however, what happens in real life matters.

– As you know Myclah is a project to support Made in Italy fashion and creativity. What is your relationship with fashion?

In general, I like creativity and beauty in all their forms, from nature, to art, to design. I love fashion and made in Italy because they are an expression of beauty, excellence and quality. Mine is an independent approach, I am not a slave to the diktats of the current trends.  With the age and awareness that the years have given me, I have developed my own style, which takes into account trends only as a starting point for free interpretation and inspiration.

Living abroad, I was able to see all the admiration for the excellence of our country. Paradoxically, it is precisely within our borders that less Italian is appreciated. This is why, especially in this moment of crisis, it is important to foster a culture of the  made in Italy. Projects like yours and that of Marialaura Berlinguer, authoritative ambassador of Italian style in the world are fundamental. Then, of course, the institutions must do their part.

– Many of the creatives we host on Myclah are  women who, in such a complicated time for fashion and creative crafts were able to reinvent themselves and be proactive. Do women have an extra gear in your opinion?

I don’t like to think of women in terms of superiority, we are simply different and this diversity is a value for the whole of society. We learn very quickly that life, for us, is always a bit uphill, which leads us to have a stronger determination and to react better when facing difficulties and changes. The crisis we are experiencing, for example, has hit women with greater severity. Sometimes reinventing yourself becomes a matter of survival. These are the moments in which we are able to find resources that we did not know we had. And here we make the difference!

– Cagliari is your adoption city which you love very much. What would you recommend to a friend not to be missed  in Cagliari and what about Sardinia has really touched your heart?

Sardinia is a land full of beauty, culture and magic, it knows how to get under your skin and when it does you get what I call “sickness of Sardinia”, a kind of spell made of scents, flavors, landscapes, sensations that binds you to the Island in a visceral way. I am, by nature and necessity, a citizen of the world, but Cagliari is the only place that represents “home”: my nest, the safe haven, the center of my affections. When a friend from the “Continent” comes to visit me, I usually let her interact with the city in an instinctive way, suggesting her to enjoy it with all the senses, hear its sounds, tastes, smells. To be dazzled by its light, by the colors of the sunsets, to stand with your nose upwards to see the flight of flamingos in formation, to feel the fine sand of the Poetto under your feet. The perfect place for the first approach is the Bastione Santa Croce, high up in the Castello district, overlooking the Torre dell’Elefante, one of the symbols of Cagliari. The glimpse of the city leaves you breathless and an aperitif at Libarium Nostrum, the city’s cult venue, is a must.

– A little frivolous digression: let’s talk about women’s wardrobe and beauty routine: what will never be missing in your wardrobe and what secret do you have for always being so radiant (despite being so active all day?)

The synopsis of my four seasons wardrobe is: a pair of jeans, a white T-shirt, a soft turtleneck sweater, a camel coat, a black trouser suit, a white one and a silk shirt. To complete, a pair of white sneakers, nude pumps, a clutch and a medium-sized shoulder bag in neutral tones.

For my face in the evening and in the morning, I use rose water that I love for its fresh scent that gives me energy and a good mood. Following the advice of my dermatologist, I never forget sunscreen, even on rainy days. I choose organic or natural cosmetics as much as possible. A couple of times a year, I allow myself a biorevitalizing treatment. However the “beauty secret” that I love the most is smiling : it has a guaranteed enlightening power, seeing is believing!

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