Elisa Loretti Italian creative artist born in Livorno, Tuscany, who after studying design and history of art she has never stopped been creative.

She is the founder and designer of the M’eyeself brand and she currently lives in Forte dei Marmi.

Forte dei Marmi

If you are ready to live an experience inside “La bella Vita” and the famous song “Sapore di Sale” Welcome to Forte dei Marmi, take a bike and follow me.

My first stop is for a cappuccino…of course! From here I can see the ‘Fortino’ (1785) which gave its name to the town. This was ordered by Leopoldo I dei Medici who wanted to protect the important and precious road that was used to transport the marble to the sea.

Next stop Sant’Ermete church,  expanded in 1870, with beautiful lead grass windows. Sant’Ermete is the patron saint of Forte dei Marmi and every year, 28th August there’s a big fair ending with Fireworks from the sea! It’s an incredible pyrotechnics show.

This small town as art, history, sea an amazing view of the mountains from the long sandy beach, elegant boutiques, exclusive hotels, a golf course, gourmet restaurants and more importantly the nature and beautiful flowers which are everywhere. So don’t be surprise if while you are walking on the marble pavements of Forte dei Marmi if you will bump into your favourite actors or a famous international star.

The Fortino For many years oxens passed by here dragging the marble all the way to the pier.

Villa Bertelli from the end of XIX century is now a place for art exhibitions, concerts and cultural events.

This was the house/ studio of the sculpture Ugo Guidi, artist of the early 1900s, which is now a museum with 600 artworks of which sculptures and drawings. His studio has welcomed important artists, of which Carrà, Rosai…

Let’s go around now…

Someone said shopping? If you are looking for iconic brands no doubt you could choose between many.

You could find everything you need in Forte dei Marmi: home decorations, interior design objects, ceramic…. Lunch in Forte dei Marmi offer an incredible selection of options; from glamorous fusion cuisine…. 

Art on a plate..

Choose a lunch surrounded by great wines.. Or a gourmet experience..

 California Park Hotel you feel home

It’s time now to show you the pier, which has an ornate marble square before it.

From here one can look up at the mountains, whilst turning around you have the wonderful sea views. It’s this spectacular and unique position of the town that makes Forte dei Marmi so attractive.

Let’s go through some of the most beautiful and elegant beach clubs, where you can be pampered by the sea.

Why not find time to do some sport? I’m going to play tennis…

You couldn’t live in here and not play tennis, golf or hockey. Hockey in particular has a very famous history and strong team.


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