Our journey to discover women with Myclahttitude continues.

What is it? It is the natural  attitude to positive thinking, to concrete action, to the desire to do well in order to generate the beautiful and the good.

Our Myclahttitude woman of today is first and foremost a friend of mine and of Myclah’s whom she has supported since the beginning. Claudia Capellini was in fact our first splendid Ambassador, she believed in the project and has always supported us. We had a nice chat with Claudia between friends and I asked her to reveal a little more about her life, her dreams and her work and of course her boundless love for her dogs.
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Claudia Gatti

Claudia Cappellini (ph. Gianmarco Chieregato)

1) Claudia you are a beautiful woman with a strong and decisive character. As always, however, I start from the origins: what was the child Claudia like? What dreams did she have?

I was a very curious child, pampered and loved by my family. I am fortunate to have grown up in a quiet town, Cremona, surrounded by the love of a beautiful peaceful family with healthy moral principles, values ​​that have been transmitted to me since I was a child, including the sense of respect and freedom and which remain fundamental principles. in my life still today. As a young girl, I was often sent abroad during the summer to learn English, which is where my love for travel was born. I know I’m lucky because I had the opportunity to be able to choose my path in peace.

Claudia Capellini

2) So you were born and raised in Cremona, a small town in the province, and after completing your high school studies you decided to move to Milan to continue your studies but also for work. Do you want to talk about it?

I was born and raised in Cremona and attended private institutes with the nuns, therefore always very rigorous realities. After the linguistic high school I wanted as they say “to escape”. I had the desire to escape from the provincial town that seems too narrow at that age. Hence the decision, with my best friends from Cremona (Lucia, Laura, Irene) to move to Milan, the city where I studied communication at IULM, Public Relations and Advertising and then at the European Institute of Design IED. I wanted to travel, and the wish was granted almost immediately. At the time, I supported my studies by working in fashion and the agency I was collaborating with introduced me to the world of events. This allowed me to travel around the world from a very young age and to visit Italy far and wide and made me fall in love with our beautiful country. This job also gave me the opportunity to make a lot of acquaintances. After all, it was during one of the business trips to Paris during the fashion week that we too met.

Claudia Cappellini ph. Luca Pozzaglio

3) After this work experience in the events sector, your perspective has changed radically since you worked for 5 years in human resources for a Milanese company. How has this job changed you?

In 2014 I lived for a few months in London, a city that was about to adopt me for the long term. Then, due to work coincidences, I returned to Italy and started working full time for a Milanese company. I worked in human resources, an experience that allowed me to hone the ability to understand the people in front of me much earlier through gestures and body language. Undoubtedly a long training experience but which I then decided to leave when I realized that I had already given my best in that sector and wanted further growth.

Claudia Capellini (ph. Gianmarco Chieregato)

4) At the moment you have decided to work as a freelance, you are a creative and digital consultant, this also allowed you to move in the last year, certainly a very complicated year for everyone, in Rome with your partner, Giorgio Panariello and your beloved Pocky and Pie. What is it like to live in the capital? Do you have any secret places in Rome that you want to suggest where you love to take refuge?

As I have already told, my work in the world of communication and events has put me in relation with many people in the world of fashion and entertainment. During an event I was working on, I met Giorgio in the backstage of a television program. Our meeting would probably have been destined anyway because he has very dear friends in Cremona that I also know and I have dear friends in Tuscany that he also frequents.
I have always been commuting between Milan and Rome and we often spend our free time in Tuscany as soon as possible; as far as my work is concerned, I definitely have Milan as a base but in the last two years, during this pandemic period, we have moved permanently to Rome. The capital is a wonderful city that always gives me unique views. My secret has been from the beginning not to make comparisons with Milan, I enjoy every moment with decidedly different rhythms from a city like Milan. I like taking long walks, I don’t drive … I love getting around by bicycle or public transport. It is wonderful to walk on the Gianicolo, enjoy the view of Rome and continue towards Trastevere … and then arrive at the neighborhood that adopted me, Rione Monti, the oldest in Rome, a neighborhood that represents me a lot also for its vintage aspect, which I have always loved. Here I recommend a nice walk, first to discover the neighborhood and its small vintage shops and then straight to the Colosseum.

5) Occasionally you still work as a model, you are attentive to appearance and definitely always trendy. Do you have a beauty secret? What is the garment that can never be missing from your wardrobe?

With the advent of social media I often work as a model both behind the scenes and for collaborations, something that I enjoy a lot and that I hope to make the most of! As a beauty secret I immediately think of the face and body products based on snail slime and rose water that are never missing in my beauty case.
As for my wardrobe, unfortunately it is now divided between Milan and Rome. A real disaster for a fish like me a bit messy by nature. I never remember what I physically have in one or the other wardrobe and when in doubt, the excuse is to always buy new pieces between a vintage market and a shop. I love fantasies very much, my favorite those of Emilio Pucci and those of the Gucci archive. I could never do without my silk shirts with various patterns and my vintage bags of which I am very jealous because they have been collected since I was a young girl.

Claudia Capellini (ph. Gianmarco Chieregato)

6) Finally Claudia, what are your plans for the future?

In an optimistic way I think that things can finally improve in relation to this pandemic situation that we have been experiencing for too long now (my hometown, Cremona, has been very affected). Finally after months I had the opportunity to go back and I was able to enjoy my family / friends and physically take over the projects I was working on such as the active collaboration with the Sospiro Foundation. In this regard, there is an anecdote that I would like to tell about my grandfather Livio Capellini, a charismatic figure and in sight in the city, with various positions, he has always worked in the social field in the Cremonese reality. Among other things, he was President of this Cremonese reality, the Sospiro Foundation, with which in recent years I have found myself collaborating for communication, a beautiful project in support of autism that I am pleased to mention because it is constantly growing.
Frankly, I was really tired of webcam life. By nature, for studies and for my work, I love being in contact with people and I have missed this very much and I know I’m not the only one.
Now in August there will be a pause to then resume work on Milan in September. The first engagement will be at the beginning of September for the Design week and immediately after, as you know, precisely for Myclah in the Temporaryshowroom at the Salotto di Milano in Corso Venezia 7, after which I hope to start traveling again, we have all left too many projects on standby. The hope is to be able to make an appointment again in some fashion week in the world, in front of a drink perhaps in Paris like a few years ago when we met.

IG: https://www.instagram.com/claudiacapellini/


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