Our #MYCLAHTTITUDE ambassador today is Cristina Vignali, beauty coach expert in skincare. Do not miss this interview in which Cristina will reveal the secrets to feel good about ourselves by enhancing our skin and our natural light.

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-Cristina hello. I would like to start immediately with a question to allow everyone to know you better. Today you are an established beauty consultant. Tell us how you became it.

My path starts long ago, my training starts from the pharmacy and I have been dealing with skincare for more than thirty years. I was in charge of the cosmetic department in the pharmacy for 26 years, fantastic years during which I had the opportunity to learn a lot, to follow professional training courses in methods, products and active ingredients concerning skin care with a dermatological orientation, professional meetings with the opportunity to travel around Italy and Europe and work alongside professionals. Today I have been working for four years as a skincare consultant in an aesthetic doctor’s office for post-treatment home protocols in the studio and I do skincare consultancy for those women who want to take care of themselves even “remotely”, providing “dedicated” advice to this end on line.

-Beauty coach, beauty educator. It seems like a very nice job that aims to enhance the beauty of us women. Can you explain better what your work consists of?

Of course my job, as you said, is to educate and train women to take care of themselves and, above all, to age with style, teaching them not to be afraid of advancing age. It is therefore in this sense that I define myself as a “beauty coach”. Healing is just a matter of training, which is good for the body but also for the spirit. And I help them with that. Many women rely on me for my experience, my professionalism and useful knowledge to obtain tangible results and such as to be able to maintain healthy skin and thus reach the goal set in each consultation. And the beauty of my job is that with most of them we have become friends and this is priceless!

-In your social networks, we remember IG @ _cri.egle_, we always see you smiling and positive. A real #myclattitude ambassador. Dispense advice with posts and videos. What relationship do you have with your followers and how much have social networks supported you in your work?

Yes it’s true, I am a positive person I always try to see the glass half full. With my community I have a wonderful relationship of daily interaction, I love to answer their questions and it is as if I were talking to old friends who confide in each other and who accept advice. It is a good feeling to be appreciated and to feel their closeness and above all it was they with their presence that spurred me to start my Online Consulting project born in 2020 during the lockdown. Instagram has therefore given me the opportunity to extend my work offline to online and allow me to work with women who live far from my city.

 -You are from La Spezia, a border city. Tell us about your favorite place in this somewhat reserved and little known city.

Yes, I live in La Spezia, a lucky city both for its position and for the beauty of its surroundings where we are lucky enough to be able to distract and re-oxygenate ourselves with a simple walk along the sea or to fill our spirit by going to Portovenere or Lerici, unique places for the eyes and the mind within a few minutes from the city, without forgetting our Cinque Terre… I have always been a very rational child, many dreams some have come true others have not, but today I am a happy, fulfilled woman who has started over more than once in life, without having been afraid to do so. My father’s phrase has always accompanied me: “wanting is power” and I will never be able to thank him enough for teaching me that you learn from mistakes and that with willpower you can get where you want.

-I guess many readers like me will now want to have some appropriate advice for the best care of their skin. So here is some advice for a woman of 30, a 40 and a 50 up ….

My advice to you is practical and direct. The first one I’ve made mine for years now is: “listen to your skin”,

“She” sends you signals … listen to them!

It seems trivial advice but it is not.

The advice I can give to all ages starting from the age of 20 is 3: constant and thorough cleansing of the skin, hydration and protection with an SPF all year round; this is the basis for slowing aging by at least 5 years. Obviously, as we age, we need to introduce performing active ingredients to solve the imperfection that arises (wrinkles, spots, tone, etc.) and why not, also turn to aesthetic medicine. The well-made one, the one that helps keep the skin healthy and not the one that changes its characteristics. You can!!!

-You know that on Myclah we also talk about fashion. What is the garment that must never be missing from your wardrobe?

I will be banal but my must-have item is the white shirt, in all its forms from the masculine to the more romantic one. Perfect over everything, it knows how to enhance any garment that we match, beautiful even on its own, perhaps with that of your husband of a larger size as a garment to be within the four walls and above all beautiful in all seasons. Gives light, rejuvenates and is sexy.

-Instead, which beauty product or make-up is it essential to always have in our beauty case?

I would say that the moisturizer is essential as a beauty product. The skin, from mixed to dry, constantly needs water, the first step to having a well-groomed and radiant skin. For make-up, I can’t do without mascara, my eyes are the mirror of the soul, nor the gloss that I always carry with me.

-Finally: you are already operational and for your personalized advice we know that by contacting you it is possible to book an appointment both in person and remotely. But what other plans do you have for this 2021 that has just begun?

Yes Claudia I am already operational and, I must say, very satisfied, because many women have come to me with this Online Consultancy. I am then happy twice, first of all because my project born in this lockdown is coming to life and, moreover, because I got to know many beautiful women who can contact me with this method through the “link in bio” that find on my IG profile by following the directions, or in “direct”.

-What plans do I have for this 2021?

Surely soon, I will open a blog site of my own, to give life and strength to my project, where I will entertain all my friends and women who want with beauty and skincare tips at 360 degrees. I will collaborate with pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies, in part I am already doing so, for product testing. It is an activity that I like and that I hope to implement, thus expanding my knowledge as I am curious about nature… And I’m still looking for my perfect cream!!! I also have a dream in the drawer, but it is too big… And now it is premature to talk about it but who knows stay tuned.

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