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Here we are with our second appointment with our #MYCLAHTTITUDE section, where I will interview people who represent and express to me a  “Myclah Attitude”. What is it? It is the natural predisposition to positive thinking, to concrete action, to the desire to do well in order to generate beautiful and good.

Today Marina Mazzolari, a Milanese entrepreneur who was able to renew her family business and to preserve its historical characteristics, guides us in her very fragrant world and who, although hyperactive, never forgets to take care of her femininity. We managed to get some secrets on how to always appear fresh and bright like her.

– Marina we know that you grew up amongst the wonderful products of your family perfumery. What was your dream as a child?

I grew up with good examples  and as a child I knew I wanted to do something of my own. Obviously my path was easily imaginable since this world has always fascinated me and I followed my instinct and my passion. When adult I decided to undertake and carry on the family business, and I also was able to realise a cosmetic line, all mine,  born from the 360 °  experience acquired over these years

– After completing your studies, you were first involved operationally and then also on a strategic level in the management of your family business. We know that your father, an extremely meticulous man, preferred to have you do the so-called mess tin. Tell us.

I started my apprenticeship at the Belloni perfumery in Galleria Del Toro in Milan, a family perfumery similar to ours, starting from the warehouse, checking arriving goods , and as I learned I then passed behind the counter to serve customers. According to my father, it was important to do the apprenticeship elsewhere to gain experience before joining our company and from this I learned the basic rules, such as respecting timetables.

I started my career even before the back of the counter, from the warehouses. My parents taught me that it is essential to “know how to do to know how to manage”. So, as soon as I graduated, I started my adventure among huge shelves, experimenting on one hand the management of the supply, on the other hand the main needs without which dad would not let any product into the shop: the accurate knowledge of the products, of raw materials that compose them, quality certifications. In this way the sales staff could count on a very meticulous work to guarantee the personalized treatments offered to our customers. When I finally arrived behind that counter, I realized how important those preliminary phases are to build loyalty in the relationship with clients, who trust you and find in you a point of reference far from the crowd and from the needs that are tending today in this sector. To standardize in favor of turnover, to the detriment of customers.

My father was and still is very meticulous and precise, he is the first to arrive and the last to leave, the shop is his “baby” and obviously wants to know everything, he always wants to be informed about everything from orders to staff management,  to how the products are exhibited, the windows and to have a complete 360 ​​° view, delegates but always wants to be informed.


– For three generations Mazzolari has been a reference for the art of perfumery, a place where time seems to be suspended. It also holds the certificate of ‘historic Milan workshop’. How do you manage to combine the past with the speed of modern times?

I am the third generation of the company and the right mix of innovation and tradition is our strength. The best way to combine tradition with the speed of modern times is the dialogue between my father and I who represent the past and the modern respectively. My modern ideas and his being traditionalist create a perfect combination thus giving life to the thousands of ideas and proposals that coexist here with us and it is that meeting point that represents our strength.

An example of this combination is when a very affectionate New York customer who was unable to travel to Milan decided to contact me by phone in order to have access to our personalized products and treatments. From then on we decided to open up to innovation to bridge the gap through the possibility of placing orders online, but this has not taken us away from history and our consolidated tradition of accompanying those who choose us on a path that is never the same. to another, impossible because each person is unique and has characteristics that make it essential to customize skin care, style and needs. Given the particular period we are experiencing, we have also decided to offer an additional online service to our customers, we have recently launched on line personalized consultancy as well. Through my instagram profile @marinamazzolari, they leave their name, surname and telephone number, our experts will be able to contact back the customer, giving them personalized advice based on their needs. With us, customers know they are accompanied to the purchase and we wanted to recreate this atmosphere even when they are far away, because the important thing is the satisfaction of the customer who knows he can trust our advice by relying on expert hands. This aspect has always distinguished us and is certainly our strong point.

Profumeria Mazzolari, Corso Monforte 2 – Milano

– Marina you are an updated and tasteful woman. What attention do you pay to fashion and what is never missing in your wardrobe?

I certainly pay attention to fashion but I remain very faithful to my way of being and my style, which is expressed through a simple image from make-up to clothing. A simple way that does not like to be too flashy but essential and comfortable, always having to run to the perfumery. Obviously, a classic white shirt, jeans and a blue cashmire sweater are never missing.

– Your work takes up almost all of your time. In addition to managing the shops, you have also created your own skin care line. As a mother and a successful entrepreneur, how do you manage your daily tasks and your professional activity?

I get up at 7 and start my day first I organize the house and then directly in the perfumery. Now the children are grown up Matteo 22 and Elena 17 so I would say that they have already been used to being quite autonomous.

Getting everything to be reconciled is obviously never easy but not impossible either, it is from ourselves that we have to start every day, because tomorrow is already now that we are thinking about it.

Surely the days are long and demanding but full of satisfactions, being almost always in perfumery the days fly between news, updates, customers and friends who come to visit us for purchases or even just a greeting because a relationship has now been created with most of the our customers of confidence as well as of trust. They know that with us they can find a unique and complete offer from the basic line to the latest news in the world of make-up, beauty, hair style, as well as lots of gift ideas and proposals for the home.

A little over a year I decided to create  my line, which has always been my dream. Given my knowledge of various brands, I wanted to develop something of my own that would incorporate all my experience in this sector, to bring together all the excellences and create a product that represents me both in its simplicity but above all in its effectiveness.

The collection that bears my name has translated luxury and sustainability with new technological paradigms; it does not want to promise miracles, but to offer highly performing products designed to slow down time, moisturize, plump and brighten the skin.

– As an expert in beauty and cosmetics, which product is never missing in your beauty routine and if you want, tell us a beauty secret.

The “unmissable” products in my opinion are definitely the night mask and the serum.

The night mask creates a dry but perceptible veil on the skin that does not dirty the pillows. Not only does it help restore the skin’s natural hydration thanks to the high amount of vegetable lanolin, capable of retaining water up to four times its weight, but it also rebalances it by promoting the recovery of the skin’s natural permeability barrier. Contains cherry blossom and saffron extract, and a cocktail of prebiotics and probiotics that restore the skin microbiome.

Marina Mazzolari, Sleeping beauty mask

The serum that I never give up is obviously from my line called “Radiance” a real “wild card” to combine with creams and masks. A plumping serum, a booster to enhance the action of the beauty routine which makes it very versatile.

Marina Mazzolari, Radiance

A secret? Consistency, the one that must never be missing in the beauty routine. No product can work miracles but used consistently you will certainly notice the results.


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