Ciao Italian Style Lovers,

We know that the first thought when you think about Romagna is: sea, beach, sun.  However this time we wish to tell you about  the historical and artistic Italian capital of mosaics: Ravenna. This city is the center of bizantyne mosaics and, by visiting the various churches and monuments, you’ll be overwhelmed by so much art and beauty.

If you wish to spend only  one day we suggest  to follow the classical itinerary for the visit:

1 Basilica di San Vitale.

2 Mausoleo di Galla Placidia.

3 Basilica di Sant’Apollinare Nuovo.

4 Battistero Neoniano.

5 Cappella di Sant’Andrea (o degli Ortodossi)

6 Museo Arcivescovile.

7 Mausoleo di Teodorico.  (for more details).

Every location is easy to reach and you can walk from a place to another since everything is included in an area of around 2.5 kms. All spots are located in the city center  which definitely makes worthy  a slow walk around the various streets.

By moving from a place to another you’ll find also Dante’s tomb. Dante was one of the most important poets and writers of our medieval period the writer of ‘the Divine Comedy’ the first ever poem written in vulgar Italian instead of latin.

From September 5th 2020 the celebrations started for the 700 years Anniversary of Dante’s death which will involved the city of Ravenna and the entire Emilia Romagna region until September 2021.

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If you are an instagram addicted as we are, don’t miss Via Mentana for a ‘cool’ pic with all the multi coloured umbrellas above your head #mentanaumbrellas.

Finally we wish to recommend you a special trattoria where we had our lunch: Ca’ de ven (literally house of wine). The atmosphere of an original  ‘trattoria’ inside a magnificent ancient building, the food and the super nice owner Signora Rita Mazzillo will offer you a unique experience.

For an  espresso coffee we went to Pasticceria Palumbo where you can also ask for fresh Sicilian pastry (they have fresh cannoli). So make sure to include Ravenna on your next trip to Italy.

Viva L’italia! Enjoy Italy!


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