Ciao Italian Style Lovers,

Just a little missing, a few hours. Then I’ll finally see my project realised on which I sweated in these last months.

MYCLAH shop on line is born. At the beginning a feeling, then an idea, after a project and in the end a truth. I always esteemed designers and creatives who I met during my professional career, I said this more and more times.

I also always had a very good relationship with them, based on mutual respect, as it’s really easy to me to appreciate and support them since, when they decide to open up the doors of their world, you see how pure, transparent, dreamers, unique they are. The real beautiful side of fashion.

In this short edit I only wish to underline again how fundamental is, today more than ever, to support the handmade and the Made in Italy. It’s true! You pay up a bit more for quality but our artisans our small laboratories must be supported. Many people speak about this, many fill their mouth but just a few really act in this sense. I did it! I believe in this and I hope this conviction of mine to sustain Made in Italy could also pass to the readers.

Here is a list of partners who decided to dedicate a selection of their collection to MYCLAH shop on line:


Giovanna Nicolai

Luisa Boutique

Chiara Quatrale


Roberta Tura


Liceo Modisteria


Cristina Tessitura

Sergio Amaranti

La scarpetta di Venere

Veronica Tordi

Artigiani di Sicilia

For the launch of our e-shop we also shot a digital ADV campaign where we tried to valorise all products. With the aim to underline how beautiful Italy is, our campaign represents daily life of an Italian woman with a sense of ironic chic Italian lifestyle.

See you on September 15 at 15 o’clock CET for the virtual opening of our Shop.

Viva il Made in Italy! Always


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