Ciao Italian style lovers, Do you know those beautiful Italian summer evenings, where you eat al fresco, you see the sky turning from blue to orange, then pink, violet and finally night blue? I do very well and it’s my crush.

Summer is my favourite season, the one for recharging. Never mind if it’s 104 degrees. I love light dresses, beach dresses, chic  flip flops., the suntanned skin. Summer makes me beautiful, suntan is a part of my story ( alas of my wrinkles as well). I was born and raised by the sea where I still live now.

This summer started quietly, slowly. I live in Cattolica in the Romagna Rivera. Here the tourist are sacred. In May we all felt a very strange sensation. Thinking about Romagna without tourists it was almost impossible. Here 90% of the families has a link with some touristic activity.

Vacationers are adored since the 50’s. Luckily now things are quite back to normal. Italian tourist overcrowd our hotel and beaches (and I know it’s weird but this is a positive think now…)
Italians spend their holidays  in Italy. With my family we always travelled a lot around Italy. So I just wanted to concentrate on 3 beautiful places + 1 where to spend your holiday this summer.
Arcipelago Pontine islands: Ponza, Palmarola, Ventotene. An arcipelago with a dreamy sea. Small islands full of history and beauty. You take your boat day by day to enjoy beautiful sea and beaches (Ventotene can be reached by ferry while Palmarola is 5 minutes by boat).
I suggest to sleep in Ponza near the port where you can find all shops and restaurants. supplies various info on where to stay and what to do in Ponza .
Lipari and aeolian arcipelago: in order to easily visit the while arcipelago we decided to stay in Lipari while we moved daily by boat to discover the other islands . This choice was also  taken because Lipari is the biggest island and since at that time our son was just 5 years old we looked for some more comfortable option (more restaurants, better reception, active and accessible port etc).
Every island is in anyway spectacular. supplies with all relevant information to visit Eolie.
Villasimius Sardegna: If you are looking for the beautiful sea of this island of with or without the caos of Northern Sardinia and to make a nice holiday without prohibited costs, this is for you. Villasimius offers a long white beach with a crystal clear sea. The boat is always recommend to do some beautiful excursion along the coast of for fishing in the open sea. supplies with all useful info on what to do while here.
Finally as a supporter of Romagna I cannot avoid to suggest a holiday in
Cattolica : very wide beaches, many of them with a swimming pool for the clients. An infinity of sea front hotels where you’ll always find very good food since almost all of them are family run hotels. If you want to feel like home but with a sea view on the Adriatic Sea. Highly recommended the walk along ‘Darsena’ where you’ll enjoy an unforgettable sunset. supplies all relevant info about an holiday here.
Viva l’Italia!


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