Every year, from the ‘50, we got used to read on magazines and recently on line, the title of the season: ‘the trend of this summer’. Often friends ask me ‘Claudia which is the trend of this season?’

To give a good answer isn’t that easy though: Flower print? Animal print? Bon Ton style? Boho chic? Country chic? Marinière? Long dress? Mini dress? Hot pants? Capri pants? There’s a bit of everything! Fashion is more free since years now. To feel comfortable, valorise the defects transforming them in point of strength, is a strong message recently communicated by medias.

Italy is trendy

When I was an adolescent, in full eighties, our icon was Madonna and we were watching from far the perfect and unattainable models of Versace ADV campaigns. Luckily nowadays we metabolised that perfection doesn’t exist.                  

Thanks to socials , freedom of expression is taking the field. If you like hot pants you just wear them despite other people’s judgements or your physio type.

So what’s on trend then? The real novelty of this ‘after lockdown’ summer 2020 is that the trends aren’t given by the big brands. Fashion in not trendy but  ITALY.

Influencers, rappers, newspaper, Tv, on line magazines, web sites and famous designers are supporting and valorising Italian beauties. Our resorts have never been so beautiful, our sunsets never so spectacular, our food never so good.
Dior with Maria Grazia Chiuri paid tribute to Salento (we must recognise to Dolce & Gabbana the record of  having valorised the ‘italianity’) and Lecce appeared in a magnificent guise.

Chiara Ferragni visited Uffizi and her pic with Botticelli’s ‘Venere’ went worldwide thus  making super cool a cultural tour.
Italy is fashionable, Italy is cool.

At MYCLAH we started  our journey in this sense, to valorise Made in Italy, our traditions our culture #allitaliana.
We’re showing how much artisanal knowledge surrounds us and we support Italian creativity.
Viva l’Italia!


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