Ciao Italian style lovers, Marche the region of my heart. My origins are from Marche (Pesaro) and for me it has always been a real pleasure to go back there.

My origins are from Marche (Pesaro) and for me it has always been a real pleasure to go back there.  Just a few miles further down from Ancona, in the province of Fermo and Macerata you’ll find yourself in the magic land of toys, where toys though are very cute feet covers called shoes, of many colours and shapes , stilettos or  square heels, flat or maryjane, boots or beatles, sandals and so on.

Sirolo (AN)

Women understand what I mean, if I say that this list, appeared more and more times as essential so we had to buy a new pair of shoes. Never mind if our little interior voice was saying:’ another pair of black shoes? But you already have three.’ a little shrug and ‘yes but this is a 6 cm heel the other I have is 5 cm  not the same!‘. 
Since many years I have the chance to visit excellent factories  and laboratories that manufacture new shoes season by season and delight us with their creations.

Il Castagno

First stop however was in Casette d’Ete at ‘ il Castagno’ outlet recommended to all lovers of international brands ( Prada , Hugo Boss amongst others). Here we visited Amaranti boutique. We were raved by an amazing pink sandal in precious leather but the choice is really wide. A very quick espresso break and we left towards the village of Casette to pay a visit to Alice and her family’s shoes laboratory. On the way we had the chance to enjoy the countryside and hills with tons of sunflowers. 
Before getting into Alice’s laboratory you’ll find a handwritten sign clearly stating that every single pair is handmade. Since a few years Alice, with the collaboration of his brother, leads the laboratory founded by their father.

Their collection ‘La scarpetta di Venere’ is a sum of originality and tradition and this creates a very unique blend. 
We had the chance to see Alice’s father hand cutting the leather for a shoes upper and we could appreciate some historical leather sewing machines which are still perfectly working and used daily. This heritage that passes from father to son is very tipical of many companies in Italy and need to be preserved and sustained. Handmade is almost disappearing and our mission at MYCLAH is to highlight this kind of small historical activities.

La Scarpetta di Venere
La Scarpetta di Venere

Said goodbye to Alice, we went back to the coast for a quick lunch in Civitanova Marche (Kalamaretto beach bar and restaurant ). Surprisingly the seaside in Civitanova offers beautiful palms that makes you feel in one of those exotic spots. From here to San a Benedetto, the seafront is decorated with amazing palms for the joy of passionate instagrammers like me.
Giovanna Nicolai is an atelier in Corso Umberto I, in a beautiful restructured   building of beginning of ‘900. Inside Sabrina and Daniele receive their clients who wish a made to measure dress or just buy the pap collection. Three generations of tailoring passed from mother to daughter, mastery and sense of uniqueness that only those who hand stitch can really create.

Cala Maretto, Civitanova (AN)
Cala Maretto, Civitanova (AN)
La Scarpetta di Venere
La Scarpetta di Venere
Bottega Malatini

Before leaving Civitanova a quick visit to Bottega Malatini (Corso Dalmazia).  Mauro is a scent creator who proposes an unforgettably experience in search of the smell of your inner soul. 
On the northern way back we visited the enchanting Sirolo, on Riviera del Conero. Highly recommended a walk on the small village lanes, a stop on restaurant with sea view (Terrazzamare restaurant with breathtaking seaview) and to enjoy the marine breeze in the terrace square with a panoramic view on ‘le due Sorelle ‘beach and the all coast. 

Giovanna Nicolai, Civitanova (AN)
Giovanna Nicolai, Civitanova (AN)
La Scarpetta di Venere

 We also visited the magical ‘La scarpetta di Venere’ ‘boutique just aside the San Nicolò main Church in the main center. 
Our trip will continue in Emilia region and in the next journey we will bring you with us in Bologna. 


Stay tuned and Viva l’Italia! 


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