La mia casa nel vento – Metamorphosis, Citrus Oil To Milk


Make-up remover, cleanser, nourishing, illuminating.

The texture of this balm is transformed in three different phases to remove makeup and impurities, leaving the skin soft and supple.
The emollient oils, including sweet almond oil and olive oil, combine with Vitamin E and the essential oils of Sweet Orange, Lemon and Calabrian Bergamot, for a cleansing and cleansing action that guarantees delicacy in removing impurities and maximum comfort in a pleasant massage that stimulates circulation and restores the skin. Vitamin E: considered the most powerful antioxidant, capable of repairing the damage caused by factors that accelerate aging, such as exposure to sunlight, cigarette smoke and air pollution.
The olive oil contained in the formula is a powerful antioxidant, thanks to the phenolic compounds and vitamin E, capable of preventing the signs of aging. Rich in oleic acid, this oil is also famous for its nourishing and emollient properties for the skin: it helps moisturize, nourish, calm and soothe. Almond oil, thanks to the high content of vitamin E, has a powerful antioxidant action that repairs the damage caused by oxidative stress to the collagen fibers. Deeply cleanses, removes make-up and nourishes the skin.
For all skin types, for a sublime non-greasy texture. Olfactory Notes: the delicacy of the floral facets of the bergamot and the luminous notes of lemon and sweet orange give freshness and delicacy. Functional Substances: Sweet Almond Oil; Olive oil; Coconut Oil Caprylic Acid; Vitamin E; Bergamot essential oil; Orange essential oil; Grapefruit essential oil. How to use: apply to dry skin on the face and décolleté and massage gently. The balm turns into oil and makes the facial massage comfortable. Rinse with warm water or wet a natural sponge to remove excesses. Daily use. Morning and / or evening. Content: 100ml
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