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Floral water that amplifies the effectiveness of each treatment.

Its slightly thick, dew-like formula adds a touch of healing hydration while calming, nourishing and supporting the skin with a combination of Chamomile, Witch Hazel and Helichrysum hydrolates.

 A regenerating tonic to moisturize and help minimize the signs of aging. Particularly effective for soothing and decongesting. Beneficial, moisturizing, preparatory, purifying, refreshing and making the skin softer. The precious extract of Jasmine grandiflorum reduces skin dryness, is suitable for the treatment of sensitive skin, prone to dermatitis and redness, exerts a soothing and decongestant action. Moisturizing and nourishing, it gives the skin its revitalizing virtues, providing comfort and softness. It also has astringent properties in case of acne, oily and asphyxiated skin and healing due to its ability to accelerate cell turnover.
Chamomile: hydrosol widely used for its soothing, decongestant and anti-redness properties, particularly suitable for sensitive skin. Helichrysum: with soothing and regenerating properties, it stimulates circulation and scarring. Also excellent after sun exposure, it is particularly suitable for combating dark circles and in the case of sensitive skin or couperose. Witch hazel: precious regenerating and soothing hydrolat for delicate and reddened skin. Thanks to its astringent action, it also performs a purifying function on the epidermis and is therefore also suitable for impure skin.
Olfactory Notes The hypnotic notes of jasmine pervade the senses and enchant, in a vivid scent as in the early hours of dawn, when the harvest takes place and the flowers retain the freshness of the night. How to apply: Apply generously to saturate freshly cleansed skin, seal in moisture and improve nutrient absorption. Use every day, several times a day, as needed. In the morning, awaken the skin. In the late afternoon it gives a boost of vitality to tired skin. In the evening, it restores radiance to the complexion and provides the skin with the soothing and moisturizing properties it needs while resting. Daily use. Morning and / or evening. Content: 100ml
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