CHIARA VITALE: A lover of art and beauty, in 2007 he founded Atelier Kore, an authentic place in the beating heart of Milan where he creates ready-to-wear and ceremony garments, wedding dresses and accessories. A creative universe where his classical studies and the long years spent doing ballet often return. And that, in fact, distances her from the legal career that, before Atelier Kore, saw her also collaborate in the foundation of a law firm. Each creation or collection by Chiara Vitale stems from a complex project, which is affected precisely by philosophical-literary and musical influences. And which finds its maximum expression in wedding dresses Every dress created for the bride or for ceremonies, as well as every single accessory wants to be unique and is born from listening to the most hidden desires of those who will have to wear it. Chiara Vitale has taught Fashion Designer at Acme, Academy of Fine Arts in Milan. An experience that allowed her to get in touch with those young people who are an integral part of her project of enhancing beauty and promoting the true Made in Italy.

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