For our column #MYCLAHTTITUDE we start our year with a special ambassador: Cristiana Sammarini. A woman from Romagna who lives in Lombardia and who spends her time in the desire of gifting others a positive though with her fairy tales novels. What does a Strawberry has to do with this interview ?

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– Cristiana, to allow everyone to get to know you a little better, I would immediately start with a question regarding your origins: you live in Lombardia  since a long time and by choice, but how much do your Romagna roots affect your personality and your business in your opinion?

My Romagna roots are deeply present  in my every expression and accompany me in this new dimension making me always feel kissed by the sun … even when the fog takes over, I close my eyes and hear the sound of the sea in the middle of the concrete .

– In your bio we read that, at a certain point in your life, you no longer recognized yourself. You had lost sight of yourself, taken by a thousand things that seemed fundamental. But your reflection in a mirror has awakened you. Do you want to tell us?

Certainly with great pleasure! Often we find ourselves running after time and we miss a very important aspect: taking care of ourselves, almost as if we were worth less than everything else (family, work, various commitments) and so we end up forgetting who we really are but above all what we wish. That day when I finally saw what I was doing to myself, I decided it was time to start loving myself again.

– You define yourself as a storyteller, a lover of life, beauty and fashion. Tell us about these characteristics of yours and when you realized that they were real passions for you.

It was exactly in  the moment when I began to love myself, I regained possession of my space and my passions resurfaced. I have always loved to write, to tell what I feel in relation to life and its many facets, but in a very light way … how to say … almost fairytale, because we all need a caress. I always try to find the best in things, sometimes it’s more difficult but I don’t give up easily … I’m a bull. What about fashion? I have literally fallen in love with it, since I was a child and it is one of those passions that knows no time … here maybe the space yes … in fact soon my room will also be a walk-in closet and I think I will sleep between shoes and coats!

– As a child with your freckles and auburn hair everyone called you Strawberry. How was  Cristiana as a girl? Can you say that you have realized all or part of your childhood dreams?

Cristiana was a little pest : one day she wanted to become the best dancer in the world; the following day she was the best singer in the world; and the other she is the best restorer in the world. In short, I was a “great” dreamer and today I can say that I achieved the most important thing: I stayed  the same! Full of bruises and scars but with an incurable desire to live and dream.

– “Strawberry Tales” is your first novel. Tell us about the inspiration for your first work and tell us where we can find it?

Strawberry’s tales is a fictional autobiography, I wanted to narrate the salient aspects and events that characterized the protagonist’s life, that is my life, accompanied by a modicum of imagination. Short stories, which follow one another creating a novel. For now I have published this first novel on my blog but I am waiting for the right publishing house to print it.

– Fashion is your passion. You express it a lot on your socials with your own personal and refined style. Do you have a garment or an accessory you are particularly attached to? What will never be missing in your wardrobe?

Alas, I love shoes, I have about 200 pairs and not only will I never miss them… I have the feeling that I will continue to accumulate them! Do you say it’s related to the fact that I love walking so much?

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