Ciao Italian style lovers,

Sicily is an extraordinary land, admired by tourists not only for its beaches and good food but also for its cultural heritage,
We want to introduce you to Sicily, which goes beyond the usual tourist tours!


Our city tour starts from an excellent breakfast in the historic IUDICA E TRIESTE bar in the city center, where we tasted their famous granita with brioche with tuppo, also famous for its Sicilian diner, so lunch and dinner is an excellent alternative to the classic restaurant!

“Staircase of Santa Maria del Monte”
An open-air museum, where you can retrace a large part of the history of art and architecture of the country.
One hundred and forty-two steps that form a staircase about 130 meters long, divided into ten sectors, one for each century, and each of them is made up of fourteen steps on which floral, geometric and figurative elements alternate that enclose the Arab, Norman, Spanish soul , baroque, eighteenth-century, nineteenth-century and contemporary of the city.

On the staircase there are numerous ceramic workshops, where you can admire the wonderful works and see the craftsmen at work in their artistic productions, the work in the workshop and the ceramic firing ovens!


For a walk in total relaxation we moved to the MUNICIPAL VILLA, where you can admire a luxuriant vegetation, get lost in the internal streets, this spectacle of nature is enriched by the presence of ceramic vases and bas-reliefs to end with the beautiful music stage entirely decorated in majolica polychrome.

If you go to Caltagirone in these weeks until 6 September you can visit the exhibition dedicated to the Civic Senate of Caltagirone: History, story, memory.
The exhibition itinerary develops along three sites, the Bourbon Prison, the Capitaniale Court and the Town Hall.
In the Bourbon Prison precious and ancient objects are on display, symbols of the Civic Senate. Ancient fabrics embroidered with the weapons of the city and the king, the gilded armchairs of the senators, embossed silver clubs and ancient costumes.
The free exhibition will be led by APS VOX.

San Michele di Ganzaria

We leave from Caltagirone to Piazza Armerina, passing through San Michele di Ganzaria.
A dip in nature and history, this splendid village dates back to the year 1000, probably founded by the Arabs.
What to visit?

The Gravina Castle, of which today only the perimeter walls remain.
Montagna della Ganzaria, is also called the Mountain of spontaneous orchids, with 52 species of orchids, some of which are endemic to Sicily.
With its landscape treasures and its environment rich in vegetation including cork and hazelnut groves, it is the perfect place to immerse yourself in nature.

In the town center you can admire numerous churches and historical monuments, for a detailed tour visit the website

Piazza Armerina

Wonderful medieval city, where the famous ROMAN VILLA DEL CASALE is located, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is one of the most significant examples of a representative residence of the time. Here you can admire the Roman mosaics, considered the most beautiful and best preserved of their kind. Representing scenes of everyday life and the function of the rooms in which they are located, the villa houses 3500 square meters of figurative and geometric-style mosaic flooring, as well as columns, statues, capitals and coins.
You can also book a very impressive evening tour!
The city center is full of Baroque and Norman style palaces, and in the period between 13 and 14 August it is possible to attend the Palio dei Normanni, a sporting event with ancient roots, which traces the period of Norman domination. A challenge develops between the four city districts, with the winner who will be able to hold the banner of Maria Santissima delle Vittorie until the next edition.

The countryside, the excellent restaurants, the historic buildings and much more in a tour outside the usual box.

Viva l’Italia!


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