Koala. Nice, docile, funny, affectionate, lazy, glutton.

Who does not soften in front of a koala? An animal to be respected and protected, like the female gender represented by the flower it feeds on, the mimosa.

WILD FLOWERS is a series inspired by nature.

It arises from a dialogue between friends on the importance of going back to the origins to rediscover, and respect, the role that planet Earth has in everyone’s life.

What is nature for us? It is strong and delicate, is bursting and silent, is fierce and hardworking, is fragile and unstoppable, it is enchanting and indefinable. It is everything that surrounds us and on which we are totally dependent.
 This year we chose nature to wear it, in animal and floral prints. From an idea of ​​Patrizia Minelli, a sensitive photographer always attentive to the most subtle and elusive details, and conceptually and graphically elaborated by Elena Tordini, designer and owner of the brand, this line of organic cotton T-shirts with suggestive animal prints is born. floral and wild.
Available in two basic colors: white and black, and in two models: waisted for women and the classic unisex 
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