Very light, they are the perfect touch to make every outfit unique and special, with delicacy and femininity.


All VT creations come from 40 years of artisan experience, handmade jewels in the family workshop, a 100% pride The petals are composed of a very resistant resin and then modeled, painted and sewn by hand to give a harmonic and natural shape to the flowers.
Palette of delicate colors, unique and feminine colors, inspired by the earth, flowers and natural elements that make each creation a small masterpiece.
The special SILK texture makes the petals soft and velvety, to give an even richer and more enveloping tactile experience.
The metal parts are made of brass, covered with a gold patina, nickel free.
To offer maximum comfort when wearing, the closure of each earring is customizable: you can select (free of charge) at check-out whether to have the clip or the pin.
Measures The Ortensia Earrings measure: 4.5 cm in length 3 cm in width About 1 cm thick Only 7 grams of weight!
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