Manùfatto – Anello Charlotte PINK


This seasons must-have ring to feel happy and shine.

 4 coloured enamels with Swarovski elements. 

Objects are never just objects. They can be memories, they can be emotions, they can be the means of reminding us who we are, where we come from and what we can do. In every place in the world, including the most hidden, millennia of traditions, emotions and stories are deposited that have impregnated the lands and stones of those places with their energy. According to an ancient and magical tradition, each object possesses a part of the soul of its owner, and gives some of that spirit to those who own it. Likewise, each stone in every part of the world contains in itself a little of the spirit of the people who lived, breathed, loved, fought, cried and rejoiced in those places. That spirit can now be yours. On one condition: that you are willing to transfer in turn that magical energy that you will receive as a gift.


JEWELERY ARTIFACT Dreamed, designed and made in Italy! 
A jewel is never just a jewel: is our way of saying who we are, how do we feel, or how we want to feel.
Wear an Artifact jewel When you are happy, to shine even more.
And wears an Artifact jewel Even when you are not happy, to find your smile again, Why the Manufatto jewels They bring with them the dream and the taste of distant lands, and have the power to bestow magical virtues on you.
Each handmade jewel has been dreamed of with love, for you.
And, now, this jewel is with you: shine together, and make the world a more beautiful place!


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