From the sustainable idea of re-using high quality interior design fabric samples taken from the finest collections, arise “Le Sandrine”: iconic bags, made in Italy by master craftsmen, in very limited editions.

Iconic and UNIQUE, “Le Sandrine”, are thought to be used in the day to day life, at work or leisurewear, by those who constantly research the perfect Item for a sophisticated look and a bold style that shows personality.

The concept starts from Sandro’s revolutionary idea to reuse the fabric samples taken from the swatch-books of discontinued collections of the previous years, often stacked in storage-rooms or even thrown away, thus earning an heritage of more than 25 years of activity.

Sandro Campobasso, passionate about culture, travel and works of art, antiques and collectors’ item, created a cutting edge show room which mixes technologic innovation together with product’s design: Corderia 1995. Always up-to-date on trends, fabrics, furnishings and contemporary art, he offers his customers innovative solutions, “sewn” on the preferences and requests of even the most demanding customer with creativity and discipline.
Sandro matched his desire to save top quality fabrics together with his initiative spirit and innovating skills, always availing himself of the collaboration with master craftsmen, specialized in tailor-made, giving birth to a product created amongst the highest standard of the Made in Italy.

Marcella D’Amato made her work out of her passion: the journey. In her several experiences around the world, she developed a peculiar interest in the art of fabrics. The bag and the journey are strictly connected one to another. The bag is an extension of us we bring outside, that we keep on filling with the new things we find along the way.
The meeting with Sandro, their shared interest for traveling and fabrics coming from all over the world and their love for art, led her to join this adventure he had already started in 2016: Le Sandrine.
Always in the look for new inspirations, they wanted to embrace this bright, vivid and colorful vision which suggests exotic fascinations and memories

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