LA MIA CASA NEL VENTO by Maria C. Martino

Batog came to life from an idea of A. Roxana Batog, a romanian designer and milliner.
Attracted by world of fashion and art, Roxana arrives in Florence at the age of 19 and falls madly in love with “the most beautiful city in the world”. She decides to live and study here, in the midst of art, working in real estate and founding her first company in that field.
Years later, however, she lived an experience that marked her deeply and changed her life forever. In fact, she discovers turbans and hats while facing breast cancer. Playing with fabrics, colors and shapes, the designer manages to de-dramatize the moment and rediscover her inner creativity. And once she has overcome her illness, she decides to go to London to specialize in millinery.
Hats become a kind of white canvas for her, on which she gives free expression to creativity, experimenting new combinations of materials and bringing out gritty yet feminine designs.

Back in Florence she decides to launchBatog, and to work in fashion, living her childhood dream.
London however, leaves an important imprint on the designer’s creativity, with its rigorous formality flanked by the most irriverent artistic expressions.
In her hats Roxana mixes her multicultural background with the elegance of lines, the innovation of materials with the glamour of italian high fashion…the art of Florentine hatters with the highest techniques of couture millinery.
Each of her hat is created with the purpose to distinguish the woman who wears it and become the exclamation point of her outfit.

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